Think Hunger

- ONE IN SEVEN in Brunswick Co.

live without enough food

- 55.4% of Children in Brunswick Co.

live in poor or low-income homes

Think Hunger & change a life!


Show your love for hurting children and their families.

Locally, thousands of hungry children & teens, hurting families, singles, and the elderly, need our help in destroying

the anguish and isolation of poverty. 

“NO Hungry Child” is committed to changing lives and bringing HOPE to those in need. 


Think Hunger & change a life!

For a large many locals, living under the dark shadow of uncertainty is far too common; how do they feed or provide for the basic needs of their family? Low income, health conditions, family turmoil, and poor past personal choices, compounding issues faced by them daily. With the right help, life can change and old patterns broken, and hope delivered. We at “NO Hungry Child” believe that people can grow and families restored to health, all through through simple acts of kindness of food and other provisions, personal life skills tutoring, or in just lending a compassionate ear to their plight.

Like Hansel & Gretel


Life is not a fairy tale.

The fairy tale "Hansel & Gretel" is best known by many for its happy ending when the two children outsmarted the evil hag & returned home with enough to provide for themselves and their family. Great story, first published in 1812, but it is still a fairy tale! Except for rare exceptions, children cannot change their family's life of poverty. Poverty crushes their family, it crushes their hope and dreams, and with it it delivers fear and poor mental development. Help us to defeat this evil enemy locally. We cannot do it without your help.

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A Little can do BIG things. Please donate to fill young, empty bellies.

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NO HUNGRY CHILD, P.O.Box 564, Oak Island, NC 28465

Thank you for your support in feeding local children in poverty and their families. “NO Hungry Child” .. A nonprofit charity of River Glory Ministries, River of His Glory Inc., Pastors Dr Chelle & Bob Miller, 501(c)(3) tax exemption covering of the IAF, OK.

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