Success Stories in their own words


Lives are changed and bellies filled. Here are a few testimonials of the impact you have made through your support to this ministry.

Thank you so much, my daughter almost cried when she saw them. Her and my grandbaby moved back from Georgia and wanted to thank you again. - Christle C.

You have been a God-send to our family this year! We've been struggling. Thank you so much. - Christina S.

A mother of 2 girls, we were displaced from the hurricane. During a trying time you stepped up and helped when you didn't have to. - Hannah S.

The food is a big blessing of help. - Ron S.

Tears of joy. The food and gifts meant so much. You made the holiday season brighter in many ways. - Susan F.

We have been so blessed and thank you for making a difference. - Darlene T.

We want to help feed local families, so we just signed up to donate and become a monthly support partner. - Beth B.

"NO Hungry Child"

Each family visited is unique in their situation and history, with the common thread being a desire to be lifted out of their plight by someone who can compassionately change their circumstances.. They just needed a simple hand of love and support to radically change their present into a hopeful future.

(testimonials edited for space. More on file)